The Art of Natural Healing on Millennium TV & Awareness Film Festival

I am excited to share that “The Art of Natural Healing” was just notified of its Official Selection in to The Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles October 1 -11.
I (Angela-Director) had the privilege of attending the Awareness Film Festival in 2017 for my health documentary “Un-Inflame Me: Reversing the American Diet & Lifestyle.” Below you see a photo of me at the festival with biohacking functional cardiologist, Dr. Michael Twyman, MD and best selling author of The Anti-Inflammation Diet & Recipe Book, Dr. Jessica Black, ND who inspired me to dive deeper in to the benefits of naturopathic medicine. Both physicians are featured in Un-Inflame Me.
Although the film festival this year will be online due to COVID, I am excited in the near future to share the online panel and Q & A discussions.
And I want to highlight why I love this film festival so much. Not only is it a very well respected film festival in Los Angeles and around the world, all the proceeds generated from the festival help a fully integrated holistic health practice in Los Angeles give to those that need their services but can’t afford.
Stay tuned for additional information regarding this upcoming festival programming.
Also, we are honored to share The Art of Natural Healing Docuseries is now on Amazon Prime TV & Millennium TV.

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